It goes back to 1988 when The Association for the Comprehensive Development of the Inter-municipal Ground Transportation - ADITT arose as a need of small and medium enterprises, to create a democratic space that would allow them to play an important role before the central sector of the government and the Congress; traditionally many transportation guilds had established but these obeyed mostly to the concentration of power of the large companies, so after a great effort in the side of the small and medium entrepreneurs, they met to form a new association, representing the different regions of the country. Later in 1989, they gave legal existence to the Comprehensive Development of the Inter-municipal Ground Transportation – ADITT. Today, we stand firm with our objective and groundwork.

Our first step consisted of reconciling through the Association the interests of all transportation companies, so that we could serve as a spokesperson for the guild. ADITT has made several successful proposals as: Freedom of schedule, freedom of fare rates, which for some has served and created competition among companies despite the criticism of the system of freedoms due to the lack of maturity in the sector to solidify this regime, being this an ADITT’s policy. Since March 1989, when it solidifies with the charter, ADITT strengthens itself by its participation in various laws such as the Law 105/93, Law 336/96 and Decrees issued by the Ministry that have regulated deeper these guidelines.