Who We Are

The Association for the Comprehensive Development of the Inter-municipal Ground Transportation - ADITT has established itself during the last 24 years as a guild that has attended the country carriers in various business arrangements with national and local government, the competent authorities, the popular acclaim organizations and other figures in the union, accomplishing in this way our aim of ensuring the welfare and strengthening of transport companies in the country.


ADITT seeks its members’ well-being through various training programs, strengthening the guild and providing advice on legal and financial matters, in addition to reporting and updating of regulations and management, while being advocates of the rights of the passenger carriers in the country.


To present and position ourselves at the labor-union and authority level as a representative organization, recognized for its actions in behalf of passenger carriers in Colombia, showing an international image that exemplifies and demonstrates experience in management, consulting and implementation of communication channels that allow direct links with employers and users.

Quality Policy

We are a non-profit association whose purpose is to defend the general interests of the industry of ground transportation before the National and Departmental Government, competent authorities, the popular acclaim organizations and other industry entities. Our management aims at strengthening business and welfare of the land transportation of passengers around the country.

We work to improve every day and offer our members and carriers in general a better service. Also we have a suitable work team in order to look after the requests and needs, with our consultants in the legal, administrative and economic areas, in addition to the communication coordination, who are always ready to address concerns in a timely and efficient way.


It goes back to 1988 when The Association for the Comprehensive Development of the Inter-municipal Ground Transportation - ADITT arose as a need of small and medium enterprises, to create a democratic space that would allow them to play an important role before the central sector of the government and the Congress; traditionally many transportation guilds had established but these obeyed mostly to the concentration of power of the large companies, so after a great effort in the side of the small and medium entrepreneurs, they met to form a new association, representing the different regions of the country. Later in 1989, they gave legal existence to the Comprehensive Development of the Inter-municipal Ground Transportation – ADITT. Today, we stand firm with our objective and groundwork.

Our first step consisted of reconciling through the Association the interests of all transportation companies, so that we could serve as a spokesperson for the guild. ADITT has made several successful proposals as: Freedom of schedule, freedom of fare rates, which for some has served and created competition among companies despite the criticism of the system of freedoms due to the lack of maturity in the sector to solidify this regime, being this an ADITT’s policy. Since March 1989, when it solidifies with the charter, ADITT strengthens itself by its participation in various laws such as the Law 105/93, Law 336/96 and Decrees issued by the Ministry that have regulated deeper these guidelines.

Services We Offer

1. To defend the professional interests of the transportation companies, investors and carriers, before the National, Departmental and Municipal Government, and other authorities.

2. Participate in the process of determination of the policies that guide the provision of terrestrial public transportation.

3. To mark out general policies which benefit the guild; design strategies leading to its implementation, and support them before the national government and the country in general.

4. To encourage the study of transportation problems, their causes and needs, taking advantage on the technical and human resources of companies and to seek ways to improve the service progressively, collaborating with public and private agencies devoted to such purposes.

5. To formalize effective and technical proposals which foster proper regulation of the transportation prices and a fare structure which allows us to plan and achieve a sustained development of the sector.

6. To maintain a direct and ongoing dialogue with state agencies, transportation companies and other related organizations in order to obtain clear and consistent policies for the benefit of the sector.

7. To harness labor-union efforts for academic and technical improvement of human resources, especially for drivers, looking for their dignifying process and their importance on the national scene, through institutions themselves or those part of the State, besides, looking for their recognition in the cost structure as an essential requirement in improving the quality of the service.

8. To defend the legitimate interests of its members and stand as spokesperson before any National, Departmental or Municipal authority.

9. To provide legal, technical, operational, administrative and organizational advisory to affiliates and transporters in general.

10. To process preferential credit with the financial sector, and tax, installments and financial benefits before the state entities in favor of the economical and technological development of transportation.

11. To intermediate in the purchase of insurance, supplies and necessary transportation equipment, essential in the industry area by signing agreements or strategic alliances to promote products or services in each of the modalities.

12. To organize conventions, seminars, forums, workshops etc. for passenger carriers.

13.  ADITT has for its members legal advisory services in legal and economic matters, it communicates and informs them about regulations and industry news, we offer training through regional forums and virtual classroom learning, we conduct our Annual National Congress of Transportation, which excels for the quality and relevance of its academic agenda, thereby, generating opportunities for integration and deepening of knowledge that leads to improve the quality of the service in pursuit of the guild development.

14. We offer facilities to our members at ADITT offices in Bogotá, Av. Calle 24 No 95 A -80. Office 702, there are a meeting room, support and advice offices and auditoriums for their service.

15. We have mass media known as the Transportation & Tourism magazine, where affiliates have a free space in the editions to showcase their company and their achievements, allowing them to have better interaction inside the guild.